NOTE ON SURGICAL TECHNIQUE to remove these skin lesions

Local anaesthesia alone is used in all cases. Some lesions which are obviously benign (non-cancerous) can be removed by the "shaving" technique followed by a form of heat application called hyfrecation. The main advantage of this is that the resulting wound normally heals without any scarring - especially useful for lesions on the face.

If a conventional incision (cut) is necessary, as for example in removing a lipoma or sebaceous cyst, the length of the cut is, obviously, kept to a minimum. More importantly, cuts are place along "crease lines" which result in much better & cosmetically superior scarring - often not visible after healing is complete. Sutures (stitches) used whenever possible are placed subcutaneously, i.e. the single suture is placed under the skin & does not cross the scar to give it the unsightly cross-line ladder appearance.

I prefer to use non-absorbable (not self-dissolving) sutures. They need to be removed after 5 - 10 days but do result in a better scar. The absorbable (self-dissolving) sutures tend to produce rougher scars.